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British ceramic artist working with digital techniques to create clay sculptures. The work is first digitally modelled in Rhino and 3D printed in clay using a Delta Wasp 2040 Clay printer. The combination of digital and hand craft skills result in work that looks archaic. A recurring theme within her work is architecture and thinking about how we interact with it and how it shapes our lives.

Graduated 2020 with a First Class (Hons) BA Degree in Glass and Ceramics from The University of Sunderland. Founded Glass and Ceramics Society during the degree.

3D printing clay

3D printing clay with the Delta Wasp 2040 requires pressurised air which forces soft clay from a tank to the nozzle to print. Models can be created using different CAD programs but then need to sliced with other programs such as Cura or Slic3r to produce the Gcode to operate the printer. Once the print is finished to can be treat like any other clay sculptures and can be fired once dried and covered with suitable glazes.


2020- 'Texture & Pattern'  Eden Tearooms and Galleries, Newbury 

2020- Sunderland Creatives Online Degree Show (Best in show: Ceramics, and Charlie Bray award)

2020- The Social Distance Art Project, Online show,

2019- 'Dry Run ' Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead

2019- 'Splatware' Priestman Gallery, Sunderland


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