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Digital Drawings

These drawings were created using modelling software called Rhino and taking the top view of a collection of models. The models were generated using Grasshopper and then laid out in formations based on sacred geometry.

They show the complexity of what computer modelling can achieve and how these tools can be used in creative routes.
Although the models could not be printed as they appear here as there is too much overlapping and unneccessary geometry that would cause it to fail, taking a step back and viewing them has made me consider my pieces as whole. The inside of the pieces can be just as visually interesting as the outside and inviting the viewer to peer inside the work to learn more of it’s creation could pose interesting questions.
The digital world of art removes a lot of real world boundaries from scale and design meaning work can be pushed past the point of being able to be a physical object. I think making work parallel, real and digital, and juxtaposing them would create more of a narrative to my work, showing nearly the whole process

Digital Drawings: Gallery
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